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We do not have space for all the people who would like to demonstrate. We are therefore moving towards a selection process which involves people who (a) make their own things, (b) will be demonstrating their art and craft techniques and (c) are prepared to chat to visitors about what they do. There will also be opportunities to buy products.

The following list shows the demonstrators who are registered as of the 1st June 2007. They are in three categories - arts, general and information. It will be a rare visitor who does not find something to fascinate them!

Arts Demonstrators

Mr Robert Andrew



Mr & Mrs Bryan & Carla Angus

Gallery 83


Mr Peter Chandler



Mr & Mrs Roy & Jemima Chillingworth

Sense Scotland


Mr & Mrs Mike & Shiela Downie

Cards, Packing & Stamps


Mrs Isobel Gregory



Mr Tim Hobrough

Fordyce Community Workshop


Mr & Mrs James & Ann Johnston



Mr & Mrs Ann & Jimmy Johnstone



Miss Ann Smart



Mr Carn Standing



General Demonstrators

Mr Alistair Bruce

Gordon Woodworkers


Miss Fiona Duckett

Watergaw Ceramics


Miss Moira George

Soy Kilts


Miss Kathleen Hagerty

Mount Cutting


Mr Andy Kennedy

Youth Development Project


Miss Liz Lyall

Pict Design


Miss Patricia Plume

Northeye Kilts


Mr Leslie Pritchard

Fly Dressing


Ms Christine Ralph

Goats Milk Soap


Miss Maevis Squirrell



Miss Niki Todd

Spinning & Weaving


Mr Nic Whitehouse



Miss Susie Wildgoose

Langley Ceramics

Information Demonstrators

Miss Patricia Downie

2 Wit-2-Woo


Mr Roger Goodyear

Scottish Traditional Boat Festival


Mr Chris Henry

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses


Mr Mark Keighley

Archaeolink Prehistory Park


Miss Joanna McFarlane



Mr John R McHattie

Tarlair Model Boat Club


Dr Jim Piggins

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland


Mrs C Reid

Fraserburgh Heritage Centre


Dr Kevin Robinson

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit


Ms Lois Smith

Girlguiding Banff & Buchan


Mr Sinclair Young

Moray Firth Partnership


Mr Ian Spink

Arbroath Smokies