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AMMONITE -Length overall (23ft)
A Heard 23' Falmouth Working Boat, sail number 39. Rigged as a gaff cutter, long keel. Hull built by Gaffers and Luggers in about 1988. Although hull is GRP she is on the lines of a traditional Work Boat. All spars are of Douglas pine
An Sulaire, built 1994
Type = Ness Sgoth, Length = 33'
Skipper = Ian Stephen

A sgoth niseach (Ness Boat) which was used in the 19th early 20th Centuries. None of the originals survive but this replica was built by John Murdo MacLeod and launched at Stornoway in December 1994

Artemis, built 1976
Type = Contessa 26, Length = 26'
Skipper = R L Silverwood


Bee, built 1880
Type = Stroma Yole, Length = 25'
Skipper = Colin Heape


Black Gold, built 2000
Type = Fifie Yawl, Length = 20'
Skipper = Alasdair Scott

Black Gold was built by Alisdair Scott at Portsoy over the winter of 99 and spring of 2000 and launched at the 2000 Boat festival.

Broad Bay, built 1912
Type = Orkney Yole, Length = 18'
Skipper = Ian Stephen


Clan Gordon, built 1911
Type = Loch Fyne Skiff, Length = 37'
Skipper = James MacGregor

CLAN GORDON - 1911 - Length overall (37ft)
This Loch Fine skiff was built in Argyll in around 1911 for ring net fishing on the West Coast, where she spent her working life. She fished until the 1960s, when she was bought by the then coxswain of Aberdeen lifeboat for conversion into a pleasure vessel. In the 1980s and 1990s she was extensively restored at Granton in a manner sympathetic to her original design.

CUACH - Length overall (19ft)
Built by Sandy Macdonald, Ardsligachan Farm, Ardnamurchan. She is lightly built in the style of a Zulu with a raked stern. Her design owes much to the traditional working Zulus but also the influence of the Dysart miners racing boats

Dolphin of Solway, built 1971
Type = Fisher Freeward, Length = 30'
Skipper = Chris Clutterbuck

Built in 1971 by Pennington Yachts and is registered in Whitehaven. She is a 30ft Freaward motor sailor with a Bermudan sloop rig. A very dry boat with a long keel she takes the weather very well. She used to be skippered by John Butler of Portnockie, who sailed her on the Stravager run many a time.. She still has a lot of her original gear including the engine a Sabb 20 horse power diesel with a variable prop.


Dormouse of Wight, built 1972
Type = IP23 Motor Sailer, Length = 6.85m
Skipper = Peter Lambie


Glad Tidings, built 1897
Type = Baldie, Length = 47'
Skipper = Len Palace

GLAD TIDINGS - 1897 - Length overall (47ft)
Ordered in 1896 by Hugh Smith, Arbroath: a fast Fifie, light built and not to exceed 15 tons to be built by James Weir, The Shipyard, Arbroath. This was the yard in which Isabella Fortuna was built a few years later. Registered AH 213 27th March, 1897. Fished with small line and drift nets in season

Grey Seal, built 1994
Type = Grey Seal, Length = 22'
Skipper = Genevieve Jones

Greygoose, built
Type = Stevenson Projects Weekender, Length = 19'
Skipper = Roddy Hill

Gypsy Maiden, built 1953

Isabella Fortuna, built 1890
Type = Fifie, Length = 43'
Skipper = Malcolm Bremner

ISABELLA FORTUNA - 1890 - Length overall (43ft)
Originally named Isabella, she was the largest yawl in Arbroath harbour when launched in 1890. Motorised in 1928 and renamed Fortuna, she ceased fishing in August 1976. In 1980 she was restored to sail and renamed Isabella Fortuna. Bought by the Wick Society in 1997, she is used as a pleasure craft and as an ambassador for the town.

Johanna, built 1884
Type = Smack, Length = 75' 6"
Skipper = H Joensen

JOHANNA - 1884 - Length overall (72ft)
Originally named Oxfordshire, this English Smack was built in Rye, Sussex in 1884 at the famous shipyard of James Collins Hoad. Owned for 10 years by John William Haylock, she was sold twice in 1894 - the second time to JŠkup Dahl, a general merchant in VŠgur, in the Faroes, joining his company's fishing fleet. At the outbreak of World War 2 most Faroese smacks changed operation to ice fish for the market in British market, where fish was in short supply

Liberty, built 1934
Type = Fifie, Length = 25'
Skipper = Sinclair Young

LIBERTY - 1935 - Length overall (25ft)
Built at Fraserburgh in 1935, she was small line, hand line and creel fishing along the eastern Moray Firth coast until about 1990 when she moved to Portsoy where she was used for leisure fishing. Unfortunately she was sunk in severe weather in the harbour and sold to Portsoy Maritime Heritage and restored to her original form in 1996. Liberty has attended events as far away as Arbroath and had a new engine installed in 2006 with the help of a grant from the Moray Firth Partnership.

Misty Morn, built
Type = Cornish Shrimper, Length = 20'
Skipper = Roger Tushingham

Misty Morn (Cornish Shrimper): Roger Tushingham will sail from Whitby, down the east coast of England, along the south and up the west coast of England and Scotland to join the Flotilla at Wick.

Moody Snoopy, built
Type = Moody 33, Length = 33'
Skipper = Robert Anderson


Mrs Muir, built 1980
Type = , Length = 34'
Skipper = Terry Atkinson


New Dawn, built 2004
Type = Shetland Yole, Length = 22' '7"
Skipper = Colin Beattie

A Shetland Yole which was built by young men in Alness in 2004.Gives a " New DawnĒ to people along the seaboard communities of Ross-shire.  Under the helm of the Stepping Stones project run by Milton community Woods.

Obair Na Ghaol, built 1996
Type = Skaffie, Length = 25'
Skipper = Sinclair Young

A replica of the Scaffie 'Gratitude', built at Portknockie in 1896, she was built in the traditional way by Alex Slater and Sinclair Young of Portsoy Maritime Heritage over 16 months. She was launched at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival in 1996

Paragon II, built 1935
Type = Skaffie, Length = 21'
Skipper =

The Paragon II, is of scaffie shape, built by Millers of St Monans in 1935 She is 18ft over the decks, about 21ft when you add on the bowsprit and rudder. Powered by sail (gunter rigged sloop) and oar. Construction is clinker larch on oak.

Pilot Us, built 1931
Type = Fifie Seine Netter, Length = 11.89m
Skipper = David Anderson


Pleiades, built
Type = Cutter, Length = 22'
Skipper = Alex Slater


Reaper, built 1902
Type = Fifie, Length = 70'
Skipper = Jim Main

REAPER - 1902 - Length overall (70ft)
A Fifie, launched at Sandhaven in 1902, she fished out of Fraserburgh until 1908 then out of Shetland till 1966. During World War II she served as a barrage balloon vessel on the south coast. After the war she was used as a general cargo vessel under the name Shetlander. Bought by the Scottish Fisheries Museum in 1975, she was restored to her original 1902 rig and operates as a floating museum of the herring industry.

Sara Anne, built 1990
Type = Shetland Foureen, Length = 20'
Skipper =


Skye, built 1978
Type = Trailer/sailer, Length = 6m
Skipper = Robbie Nicholson


Solan, built 1973
Type = Amble Class Sloop, Length = 29'
Skipper = George Gunn

A traditional long keel cruiser, launched in 1973 at Broughty Ferry on the Tay. Built to an FBR Brown design - Brown was the founder of the Royal Ocean Racing Club and was renowned for his designs of very pleasing, sea worthy cruising yachts. Splined carvel Mahogany on Oak construction. Based at Scrabster.

Spey 1, built 1960
Type = Spey 40, Length = 40'
Skipper = George Nixon

The first leisure boat built by Jones of Buckie shipyard and was presented to the public at the London Boat Show at Earls Court in 1960. The hull is carvel built like the fishing boats of the time and the popular style was copied in the GRP criusers which followed


Swan, built 1900
Type = Fifie, Length = 70'
Skipper = Jane Brander

SWAN - 1900 - Length Overall 20.42 metres (66.95 feet)
Launched in Lerwick in 1900, this 20m (67 ft) Fifie was then the largest fishing boat in Shetland. Having fished until 1960 she was sold and taken south. Several owners later she was discovered at the bottom of a dock in Hartlepool. Raised and repaired sufficiently to motor home in 1990, she was rebuilt and relaunched by the Swan Trust.

White Wing, built 1916
Type = Baldie, Length = 33'
Skipper = Jim Main

WHITE WING - 1916 - Length overall (33ft)
A Fifie Bauldie, launched in Gardenstown in 1916, she operated for most of her life out of Gourdon, mainly at creel and sma' line fishing. She starred in the 1986 BBC film "The Shutter Falls", filmed at Portsoy about the life of a local photographic pioneer. She was then presented to the Scottish Fisheries Museum and restored to her original rig