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Isla St Clair and friends.

in the Wally Green Marquee

Sunday afternoon from 2pm - 4pm

MC will be Alex Green and he will be taking part with Madeline.

Alex Green from Aberdeenshire is the maestro of the tin whistle. He is appreciated by a much wider audience through playing at many Traditional Music and Song Association festivals throughout Scotland. He has released one of the few recordings dedicated to Scottish whistle playing: Whistle O'er the Lave O't.

Isla St Clair was born in North East Scotland and is one of Britain's foremost traditional singers. She is known to millions for her numerous television appearances and is one of Europe's most experienced broadcasters.

Forming her own production company, Story Shop Productions, Isla produces award winning documentary films, radio programmes and music albums for international release.

The Elgin Strathspey and Reel Society was inaugurated in 1970 and, with Willie McPherson as musical Director and Bill Brian as Leader, it went from strength to strength.

In the last few years the Society members have promoted themselves and their music, nationally and internationally. A travel fund has made it possible to play in Denmark (twice), and Ireland.