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Ballads and Bairns 2008

This year the Ballads and Bairns project is based on traditional stories which explore the relationship between humans and the natural world. The stories are Jack and the Dancing Trees, the Seal-Man, and the Salmon Spirit. The project is divided into four week slots

Week 1 The children hear the stories, then break into groups, with each group re-telling the story from the viewpoint of one of the main characters. The retelling can take various forms eg role play, a diary entry, a TV interview, tableau vivant, comic strip.
Week 2 Together we make character-based songs in small groups
Week 3 We tell the story with the addition of the songs we've made
Week 4 We'll be working with the children who'll be doing the final performance which will consist of spoken narrative and illustrative songs, plus incidental music

The final performance will be in
the Wally Green Marquee
on Friday 20th June 2008.

The tutoring team this year includes David Francis, Rod Paterson, Gill Bowman, Ali Leith and Christine Kydd.

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