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Art Exhibits at the Salmon Bothy

Biographies of the exhibitors

Mick Eason  :  Helen Harrison  :  David Watson Hood  : 
Mark Jackson  :  Jemima Chillingworth  :

Mick Eason

Moved to Banff area in April 2007 after working and living in Northamptonshire as a Photographic Lecturer at Northampton University and Course Leader for photography at Northampton College.

Trained as a graphic designer in the 80's and studied at University of Westminster graduating in 2000 with a BA in Photography/Multimedia.

During the 90's developed a specialism in fashion photography, but, since moving to the Banffshire coast has become interested in the quality of light and colour to produce work inspired by the sea and the abstract impressionalist work of Mark Rothko. Using low resolution digital files the images produced take on a paintlike quality.

Helen Harrison

As a mixed media textile artist, currently living in Gardenstown, inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources, but in particular the environment which immediately surrounds me is its main source.

Country side provides texture, colour, depth and reflection, each in its own right challenging my creativity and forcing me to constantly look at different techniques.

"Art is a journey without end, what more can one ask for?"

David Watson Hood

Born in Ayrshire in 1953 I have been a practicing artist in a variety of traditional and new mediums throughout most of my life. I spent my childhood in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Sussex and Gloucestershire.

While I am primarily a contemporary visual artist, I am also an autodidact with a wide field of general interests. I have had articles and papers published on topics of art history, theory of art and Scottish folklore. I have also been involved in many, non arts related, occupations and activities, principally the running of a small holding at various times keeping sheep, goats, pigs and poultry, as well as driving horses and breeding and working lurcher dogs.

I have also recently worked at research and information analysis as a contributor to various EU funded projects related to sustainable development and worked in the field of web design and image manipulation.

I am also interested in current issues such as; the conceptual dichotomy between urban and rural views of reality and how that affects the global environmental, economic and socio-political situation.

In 2006 I received an Aberdeenshire Visual Arts Award in order to realise the "...other flowers of Scotland" project a suite of digital images exhibited at Duff House in the spring of 2007, this work was short listed for the 2007 Eco Prize Scotland (an award for a creative work which positively and imaginatively inspires people to be environmentally-friendly and adopt greener lifestyles).

I have lived in Aberdeenshire since 1978.

Overhill Smiddy Croft, New Pitsligo, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, AB43 6PE
Tel. 01771 653610
E mail:  Web:

Mark Jackson

Mark is a writer, whose short film SEASIDE was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland SSOS Best Fiction award in 2008.

Mark is also working on two further short films, which he hopes will be shot later this Summer in the North East. He is also developing a slate of feature film projects and has attended MOONSTONE Screenwriter Lab and SOURCES2 European Script Workshop twice with different projects.

Jemima Chillingworth

Jemima is an Aberdeenshire artist who graduated in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art. Her most recent work is photographic and concerned with the sensuous association between people and nature.